Friday, April 10, 2009

Confidence is Attractive But Arrogance is Repulsive in Dating

Almost all women want their men to be confident creatures, who can rule the world with their self-assured mannerisms. To women, confidence is attractive and they tend to respect such men who demonstrate a high degree of self-confidence. If you are a confident man, then you will definitely know how to carry yourself in anything that you wear; you will be able to conduct yourself well even among a group of strangers; and you will also know how to stand up and speak for yourself.
Indeed, confidence is attractive because a confident man always remains in the limelight; whether he is at a party, in a meeting or in a classroom. Confidence is contagious - in the sense that if you try to stay in the company of confident people, you will experience the same confidence infused in yourself. Therefore, a confident man tends to be surrounded by many people all the time, who draw inspiration from him.
A confident man can always turn any adverse situation to his advantage and quiet his rivals with witty and taut replies. He will never accept defeat and therefore, his partners will always be sure of a secure future. Since women have such strong motherly instincts they feel highly secure in the company of confident men, who, in their opinion, can act as a good provider to her children. Moreover, confidence is attractive because confident men induce confidence in others around them.
There exists a thin line between confidence and arrogance. When a person crosses this line and bends towards arrogance, it becomes difficult to handle such men. No longer is his confidence is attractive - his arrogance becomes repulsive and people no longer cherish his presence because his words leave behind a caustic and pungent taste, thereby hurting people around him.
Arrogant men are often poor listeners and simply cut a woman while she is talking to him or relating to some incident. Moreover, winning becomes an obsession with such arrogant men and they cannot stand losing a discussion or being proved incorrect. As a result, they try to argue and prove their point all the time. Every conversation tends to become a debate or a discussion. Such arrogant men become extremely dominating and try to steer the conversation to topics of their own interest. Such men tend to adopt a boastful attitude, and want to speak only about their career objectives, their achievements, their success, their growth, and their. The highly self-centered behavior of the man often acts as a serious turn-off for the lady and she despises his confidence. She no longer thinks that his confidence is attractive.
Women do not appreciate arrogance at all, especially when men are no longer supportive, but rather critical of their words or action. Such arrogant and rude behavior forces the woman companion to immediately withdraw from dating such men as she finds him to be absolutely discourteous. A woman no longer feels that his confidence is attractive.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Divorce Your Wife - And Not Lose All Your Money

If you are someone who has finally decided that divorce is the only sensible option because your marriage cannot be saved. Then this is a time when you need to start looking at your finances to ensure that you will be financially secure when the divorce becomes finalized. In this article we offer some tips on how to divorce your wife and ensure that you are financially secure afterwards.
Tip 1
If the divorce is one that is not to be contested by either of you then you should sit down and look at ways you can start cutting back on the expenses you currently have. Things such as no longer paying for the premium movie channels or getting newspapers everyday of the week are things that could be eliminated. Remember you need to start saving as much as you can to ensure that you will be able to live comfortably both during and after the divorce proceedings.
Tip 2
Another thing that must be done is all joint accounts, both bank and credit card ones should be closed. However, if you need to retain your credit card because of travelling expenses or for general everyday living expenses then speak to your credit card company to ask them to reissue you with a card in your name only. Plus you must open up new bank accounts in your own name only and don't forget to inform where you work of the bank detail changes.
Tip 3
If you are currently paying into any pension plans ask for all contributions to be stopped for the present time until the divorce has been finalized. If you continue to contribute you may find that she can then claim for half of it.
When it comes to how to divorce your wife but not lose all your money then keep the above tips in mind.
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A Divorce can leave a man financially and emotionally crippled.
Don't let this happen to you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Divorce Strategies For Men - Get a Quick Divorce and Protect Your Finances

Getting your head around divorce is far from simple so it is important to take certain steps to moving forward with your life. Having a strategy in place is key to a successful divorce. There are a number of elements involved when planning your case.
Tip 1
Your financial divorce settlement is very different from your emotional one. Keep these two separate as much as you can. You must consider all your assets as well as your debts, who´s name are these in? You will easily slip into bad credit rating if you miss payments on loans, the mortgage etc.. It is a good idea to open up your own bank account if you don´t already have one and apply for a separate credit card, this will allow you more control over your current finances.
Tip 2
Divorce can be a timely exercise so your aim is to get divorced as quickly as possible. To accomplish this you will need to keep on top of things. Establish a good working relationship with your attorney, if you are asked to attend a meeting don´t break the appointment. Be as organized as you can, keep original copies of receipts, bank statements, tax returns etc.. Make sure your lawyer has a record of all of your finances, they will need as much information about you to use as back up in court.
Remaining calm and keeping a clear ahead is vital, your organizational skills are important too. Taking care of your day to day finances should play a natural role in your current situation as this will help you to win a fair case in court.

Divorce Advice For Men - Don't Allow Your Divorce to Take Over Your Life

Going through a divorce should not feel like you are reliving World War 2 it is an unfortunate part of life that many of us will go through so being prepared is paramount. Keep on track it should not be the only thing on your mind 24/7. You still need to go to work and look after yourself mentally and physically each day.
Tip 1
Try to rise above confrontation and arguments with your ex, you have both made the decision to go ahead with the divorce so keep focused on achieving what you have set out to do. Once you have found a good lawyer it is important that you spend time with them to establish a trusting relationship. You will need to be very open about recent events and your financial status. There will be many questions that you need to ask so that you have a confident understanding of what is going on and what to expect in court. It is a costly exercise hiring an attorney so make sure you are getting your money´s worth.
Tip 2
Be careful not to turn to alcohol or food for comfort as this will only result in making yourself feel worse and possibly making mistakes that you will later regret. When we drink too much we can say things that we don't mean. Be aware of who you are talking to, someone who was a mutual friend could turn behind your back so you need to be clever with what you say. It may be a good idea to see a therapist as you can get things off your chest without worrying afterwards if what you said was the right thing to say. They can also offer you good advice on how to deal with your emotions during this difficult period.
Although lawyers and therapists come at a price they are a beneficial asset to have in the long run. They have already dealt with many cases prior to yours and having experience on your side is a must.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forgiveness is very imporant in your relationship

Forgiveness forms an inherent part of human nature and therefore it dignifies us as one of our excellent virtues.
Contrary to what many think, forgiveness is not a synonym of forgetting, rather it is to accept the bad that has been done to us, to accept that we are imperfect beings and therefore others like us are entitled to make mistakes.
To forgive is to recognize that life is made of opportunities, to forgive is humility to realize that everyone is entitled to it, and that we are not anybody to neglect forgiveness.
Forgiveness embodies its foundations in our very essence; essence that we only taste when we put aside the prejudices of the world and we rediscover ourselves and make corrections starting from our actions with ourselves and with others.
Forgiveness is more of a virtue rather than a capacity (which, by the way, we have very little) that life gives us, our experiences, but above all love. The pure and true love.
When we are not sufficiently able to put aside our pride and start again, we generally experience a sense of frustration at the expense of whom harbor negative feelings such as bitterness, thirst for revenge, among many others, that far justifying our incapacity (exactly what we expected). It fill us with anger, powerlessness, but especially bitterness, as we sadly realize that we do not possess the tools necessary to discover and exploit our potential as a purely emotional

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Trust is something that is important to every single relationship you have. No matter if it is a relationship of friends, family, or even a relationship of lovers; trust must be there to make it successful. So, if you are noticing a lack of trust within your relationship, how can you get trust back into your relationship? How can trust be incorporated into your life, daily? How can you trust if you’ve been hurt in relationships before?
It is hard to add trust into a relationship that is already damaged. But, it is necessary in the most immediate way. Relationships are built on qualities like trust. If the trust in your relationship is week, chances are good that the relationship will suffer in the long run. If you are constantly questioning or worry about your relationship, then you have no trust in your partner. If you trust in them, then you know that they have your best interests at their heart just as you do for them. You can learn more about this aspect by visiting
To add trust to your relationship, you must first put aside your problems. You must push aside all the times that trust ended up hurting you. Instead, put your trust into your relationship anyway. Even if you are worried that trusting someone will end up hurting you, you still have to give the opportunity to them to prove you wrong. If you are in a relationship where you have given trust and not received trust, then you are in a failing relationship. Unless you commit to trusting each other 100%, you will not succeed in your relationship. And, in the end, if that trust is getting abused and taken advantage of, then, you shouldn’t be in that relationship. If you give, so much your partner give in a relationship.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You can Stop the Divorce

It is almost always possible to stop a divorce, unless one partner is abusive.
Of course, sometimes the abuse is verbal. Constant arguing, yelling, bickering, complaining, whining and other types of loud angry talking can really grate on your nerves after a while.
But, you can stop this kind of abuse dead in its tracks. Here are 4 things that you can do today, to improve your relationship.
1) Stop It!
It takes two people to make an argument. So, stop arguing. If you really want to save your marriage, stop pressuring, stop criticizing, stop complaining, stop whining and most importantly stop arguing. Stop defending yourself, as well.
2) You Can Stop a Divorce by Agreeing
Now, if you have been disagreeable for many years, if you played a major role in all of those arguments, it might take a little time to convince your mate that you are willing to agree. Disagreeing causes more negativity, more negative feelings.
Agreeing, on the other hand, creates a positive environment where positive feelings can start to grow again. So, whatever your mate says, find a way to agree with it and put it in positive terms. Agree, sound sincere and then "shut up".
3) You Can Stop a Divorce by "Acting" Happy
If you're separated, pretend that you are happy with the current situation. Enjoy your new space and your freedom, whether you like it or not.
If you're still living together, BE happy. You may have to "pretend" at first, but eventually you will become happier and your happiness will rub off. Don't talk about the problems, whatever they were.
Make small talk. Ask about your partner's day, but stay away from the serious stuff.
4) Do It Your Mate's Way
The bitterness, the resistance and the anger will start to resolve itself, if you stop always trying to get your way and do it their way for a while.
All four of these things can actually be thrown into one category. You are attacking the situation by no longer fighting it. It's kind of a reverse psychology.
Sometimes you get what you want by asking for the opposite.
Once the two of you start agreeing on some things, you may try counseling or read a self-help book and then share the information with your spouse. You can talk with your minister or see a psychologist on your own.